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Pet Friendly Apartments West Covina

Finding the perfect apartment can be a challenge, especially if you have furry friends. At Brookhollow Apartments we understand the unique bond between people and their pets, that is why we offer pet friendly apartments in West Covina. We welcome your pet with open arms and a scratch behind the ear.

Not only will your pet find a cozy place to call home, they will also be able to take advantage of many of the great amenities within and around our community. Dog parks are conveniently located a short distance away for those pups wishing to socialize and stretch their legs a little further than our grounds are equipped for. Additionally, pet stores are located close by our pet friendly community.

We hope after visiting Brookhollow Apartments, you and your furry friend will both sit, stay, and lay down night after night at our West Covina apartments.

Pet Policy:

Only domesticated, common household pets will be allowed. This includes: dogs under 15 lbs. at maturity (except for restricted breeds as provided below); cats; small birds (such as a canary, finch, parakeet) that remain in a cage at all times; fish kept in tanks, which may NOT exceed 20 gallons; small domestic rodents (such as rabbits, gerbils, hamsters, and guinea pigs) kept in a steel or appropriate secure cage; and lizards, crustaceans, amphibians or similar animals smaller than two feet in length kept in an appropriate terrarium with secure top.

Additional $500 pet deposit is required.